MindSana is passionate about mindfulness. We believe that living a good life depends on a “healthy mind in a healthy body” – they are your most important assets! Learning to manage your thoughts, master the art of concentration, understand how to “let go” and “relax,” and be able to cultivate positivity, are fundamental building block to a happy and fulfilled life.

Mindfulness is a set of mental exercises and body relaxation techniques that have been proven to help you manage stress, increase wellness, and enhance productivity.  We look forward to introducing you to and facilitating your mindfulness journey!

About Felicity

Felicity Bannister is an experienced Toronto-based Mindfulness Meditation Instructor. She has a friendly and compassionate approach to teaching meditation that makes it accessible to everyone.

Mindfulness Meditation Workshop


Our group workshops and one-on-one sessions are tailored for those looking for practical strategies to reduce stress and anxiety and wish to enhance over all well-being. Learn more about the packages we offer.

Mindfulness Meditation

Guided Meditations

Take a pause out of your busy day and listen to one of our free guided meditations. In our workshops we provide the tools and instruction for how to use them most effectively, plus much more.

  • Felicity is an excellent teacher. She is passionate and extremely knowledgeable about mindfulness and meditation and all related matters… readmore

  • I’m pretty much of a skeptic, but this has opened the topic a fair bit.

  • Thank you Felicity! I enjoyed the weekend ++. It renewed my interest and determination to commit to a regular practice.